About us

Our clinic opened back in September 1995. We moved to a brand new location in June 2007 and we love it here !

The name of our clinic, Uro-Physio represents our two specialized approaches:

URO : represents the perineal reeducation treatement of any problem related to the urogenital and pelvic system. Whether you are experiencing a problem concerning urinary leakage due to efforts or to an urgent need to urinate, some discomfort linked to prolapsed organ(s), faecal incontinence, constipation or pain during sexual activity, we can help you.

PHYSIO : represents our approach in orthopedic physiotherapy. It has also proven it's effectiveness for the treatment of problems related to the musculoskeletal system. Are you suffering from articular or muscular pain or stiffness? Don’t suffer unnecessarily anymore ; consult our physiotherapists.

We will provide your doctor or specialist, written or phone reports to ensure an appropriate follow-up of your condition.

Here are our affiliations

  • ACP

Private insurances

You can consult a physiotherapist in a private clinic even if you haven't seen your physician beforehand. Clinique Uro-Physio is recognized by the SAAQ, the CSST, the WSIB as well as Veterans Affairs Canada. Treatments can also be reimbursed by private insurance plans.